Snippet Text Editor

  1. When creating a snippet, use square brackets "[ ]" to mark text that you want to customize later in the Snippet Text Editor. This allows you to make dynamic changes before copying the snippet.
  2. Dynamic Snippet Sample

  3. If you need to add snippets to your content, click the icon. You can add as many snippets as you like for further editing.
  4. Snippet Text Editor Clipboard

  5. To scroll down to the Snippet Text Editor after adding a snippet, simply click the icon.
  6. Snippet Text Editor Scroll

  7. In the sample image below, you can see how "40" was changed to "35," and you can modify text like "step length and slow down pace." Any underlined text in the Snippet Text Editor is customizable by clicking on it or pressing the tab key.
  8. Snippet Text Editor Berg Sample

  9. When you copy a snippet using the copy button, it will copy without the "[]" brackets.
  10. Snippet Text Editor Sample