Create AI Note

  1. Access the "AI Assistant" from the navigation bar.
  2. AI Assistant Navigation Bar

  3. Choose the detail level for your AI note.
  4. AI Assistant Navigation Bar

  5. Choose the most suitable note type for your needs. For example, "Progress Note" was selected in sample image below.
  6. Choose a format type for your note. Certain note types, such as intervention, incident, and education notes, may not have format options available.
  7. AI Assistant Navigation Bar

  8. Using "Custom Format," you have the ability to select specific sections by clicking on the checkboxes of the elements you want to include. This allows you to tailor the AI response to include the chosen sections in your note.
  9. Custom Format Selection

  10. For context, you can optionally provide a diagnosis or condition.
  11. In the "Snippet Description" section, compose a note that you want to enhance. The AI will provide you with guidance and improvements.
  12. Click the "Submit" button to generate the AI response.
  13. AI Assistant Submission