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docuSnippets Blog Updates - October/November 2023

Late October and early November bring exciting enhancements, including dynamic snippets, the ability to update or create new requests directly from the response page, and ongoing AI fine-tuning.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would incorrectly format certain note types when SOAP, DAP, DAR was selected.

New Features and Changes

  • Save Dynamic Snippets: Enclose text with "[ ]" (e.g., "patient tolerated treatment [well]") and utilize the snippet text editor to modify the content within the brackets. Subsequently, you can easily copy with default values and it will be returned without the enclosing "[ ]". To learn more, check out the Snippet Editor Tutorial Docs
  • Create Dynamic Snippet

  • Update Snippet Requests: You can now update or create a new snippet request from the AI response page, ensuring that notes and parameters remain consistent. For instance, if your note follows a daily note with SOAP format, the AI Assistant will recreate a note with the same information initially provided.
  • Update AI Response Button

    Updated AI response

  • AI Fine-Tuning: The AI has been refined to provide enhanced responses. The 'Add Less Details' option delivers notes with reduced redundant content for situations where concise documentation is required. We are dedicated to continually adding features that improve your workflow, save time, and enhance documentation.


As alwasy, docuSnippets is open to feedback, reach out if you have any special requests. You can reach us at support@docusnippets.com or direct message docuSnippets via the chat log and leave us a message. We will continue to add features that will help you save time and improve documentaiton.

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