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docuSnippets utilizes OpenAI Codex, an advanced AI tool, to provide intuitive suggestions and assistance throughout your documentation process

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Please protect patient confidentiality and follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule's De-Identification Standard.

Step-by-Step Guide:
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    • Daily: A Daily Treatment Note in SOAP Format with selected diagnosis
    • Subjective 😂: A venting space that converts humorous and informal documentation into a professional format
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Create, Search, & Share Snippet Templates

Save time and increase efficiency. Copy and paste snippets directly into your electronic medical record


A software service that helps Nurses, Psychologist, Mental Health Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, Occupational, Speech, and Physical Therapist search and create documentation templates or notes (called "snippets")

Turn your templates and daily notes into snippets and access them in one central location

Quickly copy and paste user created or AI generated snippets directly into your electronic medical record (EMR)

Simplify your documentation process and save time while maintaining high quality standards with our software. Our AI-generated documentation (available with premium subscription) provides assistance when completing your notes, ensuring that your documentation meets industry requirements and increasing your revenue.

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Create & Search

Create, search, and organize your frequently used notes

Our search function tool will return relevant snippets that can be used to complete your notes at a faster rate.

Create snippets using our AI Assistant, save and search for them using keywords and our database

Improving Documentation

Enhance your efficiency with AI assistance. Our AI-powered tools provide real-time suggestions and assist in creating accurate documentation.

Effortlessly manage your saved snippets: search through them, add multiple snippets to the text editor, make modifications, and copy them seamlessly while attending to patients.

Save Time

Decrease procrastination and improve patient care workflow and documentation reliability

Improve work-life balance by decreasing time spent on notes during point-of-care documentation, lunch, after hours, or at home.

AI Assistant

Create an AI request to generate documentation snippets, notes, and communications.

Evolving technology that will improve and enhance documentation over time

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Follow and Network with clinicians that inspire.

Use a team-based approach with other users and help improve documentation for improved overall patient care.

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Quick Saves

Quick Saves allow you to save snippets of a note for completion at a later time.

Useful when you are experiencing difficulty logging into your EMR or experiencing slow loading times

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Mobile Friendly

Access docuSnippets on mobile via the web browser. No app download required.

Take your AI assistant with you wherever you go and create snippets on the go for later use.

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Have a personalized experience and keep track of your snippets, quick saves, friends, requests, and comments all in one location

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Improving documentation is our goal! Let us know what features you want to see next.

Reach out to us at for any questions. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is docuSnippets?
docuSnippets allows you to create, organize, improve, share, and search healthcare documentation snippets(small piece or brief extract of a documenation note) that can be easily copied and pasted into your electrical medical record software.

How does AI assist in documentation?
With docuSnippets, you also have access to our AI-Optimized Documentation Assistant (available with a premium subscription). This AI-powered tool simplifies your documentation process, saving you time while maintaining high-quality standards. It provides assistance when completing your notes, ensuring that your documentation meets industry requirements.

Is docuSnippets an EMR/EHR?
No, it is intended to be used alongside your documentation software.

Is docuSnippets HIPAA compliant?
No, currently, docuSnippets is not a HIPAA compliant tool. Please protect patient confidentiality and follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule's De-Identification Standard.

Is docuSnippets for home health only?
Initially designed for use by clinicians in home health settings, docuSnippets can also be used in facilities where an employer allows some independence with their computers. While you can search, browse, and create snippets on a mobile device, it may not be as convenient as using a computer with the ability to copy and paste directly into documentation software. We are constantly working to improve docuSnippets and make it easier to use in all settings.

Is there an app or does it support mobile use?
While we don't have a mobile app yet, you can still access and use docuSnippets on your mobile phone or tablet by using a web browser. This allows you to take advantage of our powerful documentation tools even when you're on the go.

What type of account can I have?
You can sign up for a Free Basic account and have access to docuSnippets's foundational tools or you can subscribe for Premium and unlock access to several features.

How much is a Premium Account?
There are two types of Premium subscription plans. You can subscribe for a $16.99/user/month or a $150.00/user/year.

How can I cancel my Premium account?
To cancel your subscription, go to the account page and click on manage subscriptions. From there, you can cancel your subscription with just one click under the "Subscription" section. Your subscription will remain active until the current billing cycle ends, but you can always reactivate your subscription if you decide to continue using our service.

Who will have access to the snippets I create?
Any snippet you submit or AI-generated documentation can be accessed by you, docuSnippets, and other users of our community. Sharing AI-generated documentation with other users in our community is optional and depends on your choice regarding collaboration for that request. Our tools make it easy to collaborate and share community-created snippets to help improve the speed and quality of your documentation notes. With the help of our community, you can optimize your documentation process and prioritize providing high-quality care.

Is my personal data going to be sold?
Your personal data will never be sold by us. We understand how important it is to protect personal data and will always respect your privacy.